2017 Annual Report

Better late than never…


  • New Lab Members:
    • Technician: Mary Mobley
    • Students: Brittni Foster (Ph.D. Student); Koran Harris (Rotation Student); Lanazha Belfield (Rotation Student); Christina Snyder (Rotation Student); Tyler Young (Summer High School Student); Zi Short (Summer Undergraduate Student); Phyllis Elliot (Summer Undergraduate Student)
  • Returned to the ballpark for the summer outing and hit a new restaurant for the holiday outing.
  • Dr. Kerr cross-appointed in Urology and Biomedical Engineering Departments
  • Solidified a collaboration with the Agah Lab at Virginia Tech



2017 Summer Lab Outing



Visit to Virginia Tech to see Agah Lab Cousins


  • Harris, Koran S. and Bethany A. Kerr. Prostate Cancer Stem Cell Markers Drive Progression, Therapeutic Resistance and Bone Metastasis. Stem Cells International. 2017:1-9. 2017


  • AACR Annual Meeting (Kerr)
  • SBUR in Tampa, FL (Foster and Kerr)
  • AACR Prostate Cancer (Kerr)
  • ORS (Jinnah)
  • Orthopaedic Fellow and Resident Summit (Jinnah)
  • Medical Student Research Day (Zaidi)

Zi presenting at 2017 PCa Summer Research Symposium



Brittni celebrating a successful SBUR


2015 Annual Report


  • The Bethany Kerr lab moved to the Cancer Biology Department at Wake Forest University School of Medicine.

    Aerial photographs of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

    Aerial photographs of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

  • New Campus Web Page
  • New Lab Website!


  • Kerr, Bethany A.*,†, Ranko Miocinovic*, Armine K. Smith, Xiaoxia Z. West, Katherine E. Watts, Malory E. Weber, Amanda W. Alzayed, Joseph C. Klink, Maria C. Mir, Tiffany Sturey, Donna E. Hansel, Warren D. Heston, Andrew J. Stephenson, Eric A. Klein, and Tatiana V. Byzova.  CD117+ cells in the circulation are predictive of advanced prostate cancer. Oncotarget. 6(3):1889-97. 2015.


  • AACR Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, PA



 New Skills

  • in vivo Two Photo Imaging
  • Vascular MicroCT Imaging
  • Began learning Python