Recommended Resources

As most of my colleagues, friends, and trainees know, I’m obsessed with hacks, tools, and books to be more productive and a better scientist.  Below I share some of my favorites.  More information will be available as blog posts in the future.

Please note that some links are referral links and I may receive a small commission, discount, or incentive (like a free month).


For Trainees

  • A Ph.D. Is Not Enough by Peter J. Feibelman
  • At the Bench by Kathy Barker
  • Experimental Design for Biologists by David J. Glass
  • Getting What You Came For by Dr. Robert L. Peters
  • Making the Right Moves by HHMI and the Burroughs Welcome Fund

For Faculty

  • The Grant Application Writer’s Workbook- NIH Version by Drs. Stephen W. Russell and David C. Morrison
  • At the Helm by Kathy Barker

Career and Personal Development

  • Excellence Everywhere by the Burroughs Welcome Fund

Management and Leadership

  • Lab Dynamics by Carl M. Cohen and Suzanne L. Cohen

Writing and Presenting

  • Designing Science Presentations by Matt Carter
  • Essentials of Writing Biomedical Research Papers by Mimi Zeiger
  • Even A Geek Can Speak by Joey Asher
  • How to Write A Lot by Dr. Paul J. Silva
  • Writing Science by Joshua Schimel

Personal Development

  • Miracle Morning

Online Tools

Software and Apps

Since I have both a Mac and a PC, all the software below should work on both. Most also have apps for your mobile devices as I do most of my work on my phone and tablet.

  • Slack – A messaging and communication platform
  • Asana – A project management/ shared to do list software
  • Clockify – A time tracking app that syncs across devices
  • Readwise – A website that collects your ereader highlights and sends them back to you as a daily digest
  • Feedly – RSS feed reader. I use it to aggregate eTOC from journals and NIH RFAs.
  • LabGuru – Lab management system and electronic notebook
  • Tweetdeck – Website for Twitter
  • Hootsuite – A social media management and planning app
  • OneNote – Microsoft’s notebook system. There’s a good chance it came free with your school’s Microsoft office.
  • Evernote – A notebook system that’s more free form
  • Mendeley – A reference management and PDF storage software
  • LastPass – A password manager for all the sites that make you change the password every few months (I’m looking at you eRA commons and eBrap).
  • PaperShip – [Mac/Apple Only] An app to annotate and manage your Mendeley PDFs on the go

Websites and Blogs

  • – A website that performs literature searches
  • Lifehacker – A website of hacks and tools that introduced to me to many of my favorites shared here
  • Wirecutter – A website for researched product recommendations. I’ve been happy with every product they recommended and I purchased.

Gadgets and Gizmos

  • Agendio Planner – Design your own planner to track and plan
  • Ember – Electronic mug that self heats. I keep it on my desk.