2019-2020 Bi-Annual Report

2019 and 2020 are being combined, enjoy a 2 year update!


  • New Lab Members:
    • Chirayu Patel (M.S. Student 2019)
    • Maria Xie (M.S. Student 2019)
    • Jessica Dean (Undergraduate Summer Student 2019)
    • Stephen Sokolosky (Undergraduate Student 2020)
    • Tori Beth Surratt (M.S. Student 2020)
  • Koran passed quals to become a Ph.D. candidate
  • Graduated:
    • Chirayu Patel, M.S. (2019)
    • Maria Xie, M.S. (2019)


  • CTSI Ignition Fund with Dr. Katherine Cook (2019)
  • SBT Pilot Award with Dr. Masoud Agah (2019-2020)


  • Koran Harris- International Tumor Microenvironment Workshop New Investigator Award
  • Bethany Kerr- Society for Basic Urologic Research Young Investigator Award


  • Kwok,  Andy T., Joseph E. Moore, Samuel Rosas, Bethany A. Kerr, Rachel N. Andrews, Callistus M. Nguyen, Jingyun Lee, Boyce E. Collins, Michael T. Munley, and Jeffrey S. Willey.  Knee and Hip Joint Cartilage Damage from Combined Spaceflight Hazards of Low-Dose Radiation <1 Gy and Prolonged Hind Limb Unloading. Radiation Research. 191(6):497-506. [Read Online] (2019)
  • Kerr, Bethany A.  An Aspirin a Day Keeps Metastasis at Bay. Science Translational  Medicine. 11(488):eaax1728. [Read Online] (2019)
  • Kerr, Bethany A.  A Workout Plan to Prevent Metastasis. Science Translational  Medicine. 11(496):eaax9564. [Read Online] (2019)
  • Rosas, Samuel, Ryan T. Hughes, Michael Farris, Hwajin Lee, Emory R. McTyre, Johannes F. Plate, Lihong Shi, Cynthia L. Emory, A. William Blackstock, Bethany A. Kerr, and Jeffrey S. Willey. Cartilage Oligomeric Matrix Protein in Patients with Osteoarthritis is Independently Associated with Metastatic Disease in Prostate Cancer. Oncotarget. 10(46):4776-4785. [Read Online] (2019)
  • Kerr, Bethany A. Aging Is Just a State of Marrow. Science Translational Medicine. 11(504):eeay7698. [Read Online] (2019)
  • Rosas, Samuel, Shane Tipton, T. David Luo, Bethany A. Kerr, Johannes F. Plate, Jeffrey S. Willey and Cynthia L. Emory. A History of Past Prostate Cancer Still Carries Risk after Total Knee Arthroplasty. Journal of Knee Surgery. [Read Online] (2019)
  • Bracey, Daniel N*, Alexander H. Jinnah*, Jeffrey S. Willey, Thorsten M. Seyler, Ian D. Hutchinson, Patrick W. Whitlock, Thomas L. Smith, Kerry A. Danelson, Cynthia L. Emory, and Bethany A. Kerr. Investigating the Osteoinductive Potential of a Decellularized Xenograft Bone Substitute. Cells, Tissues, Organs. 207(2):97-113. [Read Online] (2019)
  • Kerr, Bethany A. A Trojan Horse Targeting Bone Metastasis. Science Translational Medicine. 11(512):eaaz3715. [Read Online] (2019)
  • Kerr, Bethany A. A Two Step Program Prevent Bone Metastatic Relapse. Science Translational Medicine. 11(520):eaaz9759. [Read Online] (2019)
  • Peak, Taylor C., Gati K. Panigrahi, Prakash Praharaj, Yixin Su, Lihong Shi, Jacqueline Chyr, Jose Rivera Chavez, Laura Flores-Bocanegra, Ravi Singh, Donald J. Vander Griend, Nicholas Oberlies, Bethany A. Kerr, Ashok Hemal, Rhonda L. Bitting, and Gagan Deep. Syntaxin 6-Mediated Exosome Secretion Regulates Enzalutamide Resistance in Prostate Cancer. Molecular Carcinogenesis. 59(1):62-72. [Read Online] (2020)
  • Ghassemi, Parham, Xiang Ren, Brittni M. Foster, Bethany A. Kerr, and Masoud Agah. Post-Enrichment Circulating Tumor Cell Detection and Enumeration via Deformability Impedance Cytometry. Biosensors and Bioelectronics. 150:111868. [Read Online] (2020)
  • Kikkeri, Kruthika, Bethany A. Kerr, Andrea S. Bertke, Jeannine S. Strobl, and Masoud Agah. Passivated-Electrode Insulator-based Dielectrophoretic Separation of Heterogeneous Cell Mixtures. Journal of Separation Science. 43(8):1576-85. [Read Online] (2020)
  • Kerr, Bethany A. Immunomodulation in the Front, Bone Binding in the Back. Science Translational Medicine. 12(528):eaba2917. [Read Online] (2020)
  • Ghassemi, Parham, Koran S. Harris, Xiang Ren, Brittni M. Foster, Carl D. Langefeld, Bethany A. Kerr, Masoud Agah. Comparative Study of Prostate Cancer Biophysical and Migratory Characteristics via Iterative Mechanoelectrical Properties (iMEP) and Standard Migration Assays. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical. 321:128522. [Read Online] (2020)
  • Jinnah, Alexander H., Patrick Whitlock, Jeffrey S. Willey, Kerry Danelson, Bethany A. Kerr, Cynthia L. Emory, Thomas L. Smith, and Daniel N. Bracey. Improved Osseointegration using Porcine Xenograft Compared to Demineralized Bone Matrix for the Treatment of Critical Defects in a Small Animal Model. Xenotransplantation. In Press. (2020)


  • Gordon Research Conference: Cell Biology of Megakaryocytes and Platelets (Foster 2019)
  • International Tumor Microenvironment Workshop (Harris and Kerr 2019)
  • Hormone Dependent Cancer Gordon Research Conference (Kerr 2019)
  • International Translational Medicine and Therapeutics Conference (Kerr 2019)
  • Society for Basic Urologic Research Annual Meeting (Kerr 2019)
  • Blood and Bone Seminar Series (Kerr 2020)
  • Society for Basic Urologic Research Annual Meeting (Kerr 2020)

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