2018 Annual Report


  • New Lab Members:
    • Ammar Mansour (Visiting Clinician)
    • Conner Song (Undergraduate Student)
    • Sheldon Smith (Summer Student)
    • Phyllis Elliott (Summer Student, Returning)
  • This summer’s outing was a nice lunch while the winter outing featured lunch and an  Escape room.
  • Brittni passed quals to become a Ph.D. candidate
  • Dr. Kerr’s office was fully renovated and the common space updated!


  • Elsa U. Pardee Foundation Award with Dr. Ellen Quillen



  • Travel Awards
    • Brittni Foster to SACNAS
    • Phyllis Elliott to ABRCMS
  • Alex Jinnah- Best Basic Science Paper at ORS



  • SBUR Annual Meeting (Kerr)
  • AACR Annual Meeting (Kerr)
  • International Conference on Tumor Microenvironment and Cellular Stress (Kerr)
  • SACNAS (Foster)
  • ABRCMS (Elliott and Smith)
  • Orthopaedic Research Society (Jinnah)
  • Musculoskeletal Tumor Society (Jinnah)

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