2018 Papers thus far…

The first 6 months have been very productive with three manuscripts accepted and in press or published.

Jinnah, Alexander H., Benjamin C. Zacks, Chukwuweike U. Gwam, and Bethany A. Kerr. Emerging and Established Models of Bone Metastasis. Cancers. 10(6):176. [Read Online]

Ren, Xiang, Brittni M. Foster, Parham Ghassemi, Jeannine S. Strobl, Bethany A. Kerr, and Masoud Agah. Entrapment of Prostate Cancer Circulating Tumor Cells with a Sequential Size-Based Microfluidic Chip. Analytical Chemistry. In Press[Read Online]


Foster, Brittni M., Danish Zaidi, Tyler R. Young, Mary E. Mobley and Bethany A. Kerr. CD117/c-kit in Cancer Stem Cell-Mediated Progression and Therapeutic Resistance. Biomedicines. 6(1):31. [Read Online]
CD117 in Metastasis made by Brittni

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