2017 Annual Report

Better late than never…


  • New Lab Members:
    • Technician: Mary Mobley
    • Students: Brittni Foster (Ph.D. Student); Koran Harris (Rotation Student); Lanazha Belfield (Rotation Student); Christina Snyder (Rotation Student); Tyler Young (Summer High School Student); Zi Short (Summer Undergraduate Student); Phyllis Elliot (Summer Undergraduate Student)
  • Returned to the ballpark for the summer outing and hit a new restaurant for the holiday outing.
  • Dr. Kerr cross-appointed in Urology and Biomedical Engineering Departments
  • Solidified a collaboration with the Agah Lab at Virginia Tech


2017 Summer Lab Outing


Visit to Virginia Tech to see Agah Lab Cousins
2017 Kerr Lab Holiday Lunch


  • Harris, Koran S. and Bethany A. Kerr. Prostate Cancer Stem Cell Markers Drive Progression, Therapeutic Resistance and Bone Metastasis. Stem Cells International. 2017:1-9. 2017


  • AACR Annual Meeting (Kerr)
  • SBUR in Tampa, FL (Foster and Kerr)
  • AACR Prostate Cancer (Kerr)
  • ORS (Jinnah)
  • Orthopaedic Fellow and Resident Summit (Jinnah)
  • Medical Student Research Day (Zaidi)
Zi presenting at 2017 PCa Summer Research Symposium


Brittni celebrating a successful SBUR


Danish Med Student Day Poster 2017
Danish Med Student Day Poster 2017

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