2017 Summer Recap

It has been an exciting summer in the Kerr Lab.  This summer we had 3 new lab members join us for the summer: Zi, Phyllis, and Tyler.


In addition, Koran and Brittni continued to work hard through the summer and Danish joined us full time as part of the Medical Student Summer Research Program.


In July, Koran, Brittni, and I took a trip to Virginia Tech to discuss our ongoing collaboration with the Agah Lab. It was like a family reunion with our Lab Cousins.

Visit to Virginia Tech to see Agah Lab Cousins

This summer at the DOD Prostate Cancer Summer Undergraduate Symposium, Zi presented her research and Koran spoke as an alumnus of the program.


Finally, the summer wound down with our annual lab outing to the Winston-Salem Dash game.  Now if only we could all look at the camera at the same time…


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